Best Camera For Motorcycle

Best Camera For Motorcycle Touring | Best Motorcycle Helmet Cameras 2020

Are you searching for what is the best motorcycle helmet camera 2020. You can use these best camera for motorcycle Touring. Find out Small Cheap Motorcycle Helmet Cam to make your trip memorable.

​Best Motorcycle Helmet Camera 2020

  1. AKASO EK7000
  2. ​Go Pro HD Helmet Hero
  3. ​GoPro HERO Session
  4. Campark ACT74
  5. HaloCam Motorcycle Recording Camera System
  6. ​OBEST Biker’s Camera Motorcycle Dash Cam ​​​​
  7. ​WiFi Motorbike Camera Dual Lens Motorcycle DVR System Video Camera
  8. ​Biker’s Camera, Sykik Rider SYBC6 Motorcycle Action Camera
  9. ​Blueskysea DV688 Dual Lens Motorcycle Recording Camera
  10. ​OXOQO HD Front and Rear Motorbike Camera, Waterproof Motorcycle Driving Recorder

Best Camera For Motorcycle Touring

#1. GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Motorcycle Camera 

GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Motorcycle Camera HERO Session packs the power of GoPro motorcycle helmet camera into a convenient, grab-and-go, everyday camera. Perfect for the first–time GoPro user, or as a second camera, HERO Session is a simple motorcycle helmet camera to use.

A single button powers on the camera and starts recording automatically, then when you stop recording, the camera automatically powers itself off. With 1080p60 video and 8MP photo capture.

HERO Session provides the stunning high images quality that has made GoPro famous, and its rugged, waterproof design is our first to eliminate the need for a separate housing. So small, so simple, HERO Session is perfect to take on any adventure.

The Hero Session features a one-click operation. Click the main button once, video recording starts at the specified default resolution. You can set this with the camera itself via the buttons or in the remote control app on your phone/pad. If you hold the main button for 3 seconds, it will start a time lapse.

Summary: For those who don’t need 4k resolution and want a more compact package, or for those who wish to play around with videography, the GoPro Session is where to start looking.

Are you a truck driver? or own a fleet we have found an expert guide for you buy a best truck dash cam at, so why not go through that too.

  • Its a high quality motorcycle camera
  • Allow different mods
  • Its a waterproof camera
  • Battery is not attached
  • SD Card not included

Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet Camera

#2. Campark ACT74 Action Camera Underwater Motorcycle Camera

Campark ACT74 Action Camera Underwater Motorcycle CameraCampark ACT74 underwater action cam which is best underwater motorcycle cam is perfect for skiing, surfing, diving, snorkeling, cycling, golfing, running, or playing baseball. Mount it on the car when you are driving down a scenic road and record your adventure! Its one of the smallest halmet camera.

This new Campark 4K sports action camera records your stunning journey in 4K resolution with 30Fps and takes photo at 16M. Campark action cameras help you capture and share your world in a fantastic UHD resolution.

Great camera that shoots high definition helmet cam video. One of our member just recently took a trip to Maui and used the camera for all of his underwater video, and we very surprised by the quality of video the camera took. We highly recommend to anyone who doesn’t want to spend $300+.

You can easily watch your best recorded moments on a 2-inch screen, in high quality definition, and with an amazing wide angle lens that makes the loss of detail almost impossible.

With its built-In WIFI & HDMI functionality you can connect Campark 4k Underwater Camera with your phone by Wi-Fi, and share your beautiful moments in video/photo to your social media accounts i.e. Facebook,Twitter, Instagram.

This underwater action camera for motorcycle also supports HDMI output so youcan watch the beautiful recorded videos & pictures on TV.

Another great thing about this model is that you can store your recordings on a 32GB SD card the camera comes along with.

  • features ultra HD 4K video recording
  • time lapse,loop recording and slow motion mode
  • 32GB SD card Included
  • Photos taken with this cam are not quite amazing
  • Audio is lagy sometimes

Best Helmet Cam for Motorcycles

#3. AKASO Brave 4 4K WiFi Action Camera For Motorcycle

AKASO Brave 4 4K WiFi Action Camera For MotorcycleAKASO Brave 4 action camera offers an impressive ultra HD 4K 24fps & 2K 30fps video recording, with 20MP. You can say that its a low profile helmet camera.

It has Built-in smart gyroscope for anti-shaking functionality which helps in electronic image stabilization, for more smooth recording, turn gyroscope on while shooting videos. Turn anti-shaking on when taking picture to make your picture more clear.

With a strong waterproof case, this underwater motorcycle camcorder allows you to record videos up to 30 meters under water. Open the diving mode setting, it can filter the red light under water.

With its free mobile app its been very easy sharing & editing videos from an action camera. Just download the official android app on your phone or tablet and connect with this action camera. Wi-Fi signal ranges up to 10 meters. With HDMI Port allows you to connect it with television.

It allows you to monitor in real time, review videos/photos on mobile and instantly share on social media. What’s more, connect this camera to your computer with a USB cable to transfer your entire files into your laptop or watch on tv.

Summary: It’s an amazing gift for your friends and family even yourself. Perfect for outdoor sports and underwater sports like cycling, motorcycling, skiing, diving, surfing, snorkeling.

  • Includes 2 rechargeable 1050mAh batteries
  • time lapse,loop recording and slow motion mode
  • Its a waterproof camera
  • SD Card is not included
  • Wrist Band is not waterproof

Best Camera For Motorcycle Riding

#4. Wimius 4k Ultra HD Sports Helmet Camera

Wimius 4k Ultra HD Sports Helmet CameraWimius 4k Ultra HD Sports Helmet Camera supports multiple video recording formate i.e. 4K 30fps, 1080P 60fps and so on. Its high quality video recording ability allows you to easily shoot a video like a movie and record every precious moment in your life. Whatever you’re travelling outdoor or enjoying extreme sports makes it the best video cameras for motorcycle helmets.

Its a small helmet camera so you can take it to anywhere you want to. With a build in 2.0″ screen, you can shoot any scene clearly.

Wimius 4k action camera equipped with a professional waterproof housing, which makes it waterproof to 30 meters. Meanwhile the housing is dustproof and shockproof, which is ready for any extreme sports, outdoor activities or even other tougher environments.

The 170 super wide view provides almost twice visual area than a smartphone, which gives you a better way to shoot a bigger world and restore the real scene.

This WiFi sports camera for motorcycle is compatible with your smart phone or tablet. 2.4GHz Wi-Fi provides a seamless connection to your smart phone/tablet via the “WiMiUS CAM” App to let you control this action camera from a distance. HDMI, USB and AV video output are available for connecting computers, TVs and projectors.

This action camera features multiple functions including driving mode, image rotation, time-lapse, loop recording, slow motion, dramashot, exposure and white balance. Bringing this sports camera to more applicable conditions beyond your expectation.

Comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and mounting accessories kit which available for most action camera even Gopro. Multifunctional accessories enable you to mount your camera to helmet, bicycles, wrist, etc. It makes you capture all that you like, giving you a bright and colorful world in your camera.

  • Includes 2 rechargeable batteries
  • includes mounting accessories kit
  • Its a waterproof camera
  • SD Card is not included
  • Shoot is slow sometimes

Buyers Guide –  Things to Know Before Buying Helmet Camera

Whenever you look to buy a product, you look for different particular aspects which you cannot ignore. The same thing happens when you to to buy a helmet camera. Before searching online or heading to your nearest market, you need to make a list the features you can’t ignore and functionalities you want but can think about it.

When Comparing different best quality helmet cameras, it is a difficult task because they involve a lot of things to consider. One has to weigh different factors, including technology, durability, design and connectivity. Even it becomes more difficult, when it comes to price, the range is too vast. From very low-cost cameras to very expensive items, a great variety is available, which is why you need to make a prudent cost-benefit analysis of the cameras available in the market.

The purpose of selecting a product also plays major role in buying the suitable product. If you are a newbie and just want to know how a helmet camera works, its functions and basics, we will encourage you to test a low cost item with a adjustable resolution that you can try on with. But if you are a pro, you needs a product with high quality features. The more feature you look for, more it will effect your pocket.

Resolution and Frame Rate

Resolution and frame rate of a helmet camera helps to understand the quality of a product. These are the main and important features in any camera as they are made for. A detailed and better photo is always determined by higher resolution of a camera.

Right now, action cameras are available in 4K resolution and is considered as ultra-high definition (UHD). These 4K cameras are a bit costly, but provide amazingly clear videos. 1080p and 720p are also high-definition resolutions, though not as clear as 4K. 1080p is now the standard and is sufficient enough to cater to most camera users.

When it comes to frame rates, you should know that higher frame rates provide smoother videos and are good for slow motion, but such videos consume more storage space. The standard frame rate is 30 fps, which produces a smooth result yet doesn’t take up a lot of space.

One fact which must be kept in mind is that in low-light conditions, higher frame rates perform much slower. Hence, if you are thinking of capturing many nighttime adventures, you should choose accordingly.


At the end of the day, quality matters the most. No matter how budget-conscious you are, you will never want to compromise on quality because everybody needs value for their money. When we talk of quality, we mean the overall performance of the camera, which includes high-definition image, wide-angle footage, crisp videos, compatibility with high speed and jerks, multiple functionalities and better fps (frames per second).

Coming to resolution, 4K (UHD) is now standard, but models with this feature are a bit pricier. You can still find some very good options in HD which provide quality results and are affordable.

The other aspect related to the performance of a helmet-mounted camera is its versatility. The camera should satisfy all your outdoor filming needs. It should perform well during even the roughest adventures. You will find models that work fine in rain as well as in extremely rough terrains. There are cameras that have variable resistance capacities, so the type of resistance you need will depend on what kind of adventures you usually indulge in.

Furthermore, there are certain models that come with a rotating capability, thus providing more versatility to users.


The build quality of the helmet camera is a very important factor when making a final decision to purchase. Since the biker might have to shoot videos and take photos in the roughest terrains and in tough weather, the camera must be sturdy enough to withstand the harsh conditions.

The shape and size also matter because these cameras need to be mounted on helmets. You should be looking for something compact and portable. The camera should be able to be easily fastened to the helmet without exerting undue pressure on your head or neck. It must also remain in place while you are riding at a high speed or passing through a rough terrain where jerks and bumps are likely to shake the bike.

Thus, a prudent buyer must check a camera for its robustness and durability.

Field of View (FOV)

Field of view refers to the total viewable area captured through the lens at a specific point of time. Just because your camera is compact and is mounted on a helmet does not mean that it should be devoid of an immersive recording experience that is possible if it has a fisheye lens.

A fisheye lens usually has wide angles. There are three different fields of view: wide (160-170 degrees), medium (140 degrees) and narrow (about 90 degrees). For instance, if your camera has a 170-degree angle, it will enable you to shoot almost anything in your surroundings. There are certain helmet cameras that allow you to customize your field of view. These high-end action cameras use very complicated algorithms for setting different viewing angles.

Most mountain biking and sky diving enthusiasts are great fans of a wide FOV. Though a wide FOV creates an immersive video, there is a drawback associated with it; it has a distortion (called fisheye effect), which slightly bends the image around the corner.

Image Stabilization

Since a motorcycle helmet camera is often used to capture extremely tough sports or thrilling adventures on the bike, you are likely to face uneven terrains. These terrains often result in bumps and jerks and as a result, the videos captured can be shaky. Hence, it is imperative for all bikers to consider having image stabilization in the camera they intend to purchase.

Many cameras come with built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers, which provide optimum image and video stabilization. Modern technology has enabled cameras to have EIS (electronic image stabilization) that takes care of all jerky movements and provide a buttery smooth video. Blurring is eliminated by this anti-shaking video stabilization feature, so be sure it is included in the camera you buy.

Battery Life

Battery life is very important to consider for all action camera users. It can be quite annoying if your battery runs out of juice while you are in the middle of shooting some amazing moments. There are models with battery life as low as 30 minutes, making them a nuisance that has to be recharged every now and then.

Always make sure that batteries are removable and chargeable. The batteries are quite often made of lithium-ion, which can cause problems in extreme cold or hot weathers, so it is advisable to have a model which comes with spare batteries. This ensures that your video filming and photo capturing task may continue without disruption.

I will suggest that you do some research about battery life and quality through customer reviews, who will reveal first-hand information on the subject.

Storage Capacity

This is also a very important factor to consider. It can be quite frustrating to receive a warning about a full memory, especially when you are on a ride. Most cameras don’t have too much built-in memory, which cannot cope with the requirements of long rides, especially if the biker is camping or on a vacation. You must check if the camera offers an external SD card slot, which can help you increase storage space to meet your needs.

You also need to consider what kind of SD card you are getting for optimum performance. We recommend a class 10 SD card be purchased for quickly saving videos. As a general rule, the higher the class of a card, the faster it saves the data.

Mounting System

A good helmet camera needs to be mounted on the helmet in such a way that it stays there. Certain cameras can be mounted almost anywhere on a bike like the handlebar, clamp, seat or even the rider’s chest.

You should also check what kind of accessories you are getting with the camera to help with mounting. A universal mounting system allows the camera to be mounted at any location.


This is a major area of concern, especially for young motorcyclists who can’t live without being hooked to the global network. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options can be vital for some. They provide you two great benefits: you can control your camera from a distance through your smartphone and the files can be accessed remotely so that you can manage them, share with others or have a live transmission on social media platforms.

Bluetooth connectivity also increases the opportunity to use your camera with all Bluetooth-enabled devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones.


GPS automatically geo-tags your videos and photos to help you keep track of locations after you come back from a ride. This can be desirable for those who travel a lot and want to easily keep track of the location.


The trend of using motorcycle helmet cameras is increasing as more and more bikers want to capture the scenic beauty they witness or the interesting events and moments they come across during a ride. Another important reason for the rise in the use of a helmet camera is the need to document accidents, which can provide safety from subsequent blames.

The market is filled with a variety of motorcycle helmet cameras with many different features. Some are at the lower end of the price spectrum, while others are quite expensive. From simple video-only options to highly professional models with innovative technologies, there is a model available for every type of user.

The prospective buyer must do some research and go through reviews to select the right product for themselves. We have tried to make the task easier for you and hopefully, you would have found your ideal choice by now!